Eric Thivierge The technical side of animation.


I'm a Character TD and Tools programmer in the 3D Animation industry. I focus more on the more technical side of things such as: Rigging, scripting, small tools dev, pipeline dev, etc. Problem solving is something I enjoy and excel in. I have become very adept in Python and the Softimage Object Model and have built numerous plug-ins over the past few years. C++ is next on my list of programming languages to learn and will help round out my technical abilities.

I attended Rutgers University, Camden, where I graduated with a BA in Computer Animation. Following my education at Rutgers, I proceeded to Sheridan College in Toronto and earned a post graduate certificate in Digital Character Animation during the 2008 school year. The knowledge of how to animate characters has allowed me to develop my skills in rigging and scripting with animators in mind.

Exocortex Species

I helped develop and design Species, a character creation tool, with my friend Chris Covelli. Species simplifies the process of human character creation from designing your character’s unique attributes, integrating sculpting results, to rig creation, even animation. With Species, you will create higher quality animated characters faster and at a lower cost, while avoiding the generic look that often come when purchasing off-the-shelf models.

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