Supposed to snow

For the past week I’ve been pretty swamped at work and too exhausted to do anything when I get home. Who isn’t these days? In my crazed and weakened state I have failed to check the weather forecast for this next week. I had thought that winter had finally passed on but low and behold there is another snow storm headed our way. Surprisingly north New Jersey does get more snow than southern New Jersey. Still not as much as Toronto. Regardless, I like many others having the same sentiments would like it if the snow season was behind us. I just can’t handle more cold weather and more hours of shoveling snow out of the drive way.

Secondly, it’s unfortunate I live so close to work now because now I have no excuse of not coming in to work at the office. Aside from maybe a cold.

Hope this week isn’t so crazy. At least this week we don’t have the distraction of our Sesame Street trips.