Mr. Tech Support

Any time my family / friends need computer help I’m the man to call. Most of the time it’s just small little issues that are fixed with a click of a mouse or a scan of the hard drive for spyware. However there are the few occasions when something so messed up happens I can’t help over the phone.  Even on top of that sometimes it gets so bad that I can’t even help if I use a remote login program either. When some kind of virus or spyware blocks certain programs from accessing the internet you know it isn’t good. Anyone ever been in this situation? Uhg, not a fun way to spend a night. Don’t get me wrong, I love helping my family and friends get back to using their computer again, but it’s a real chore trying to do it over the phone when you have to describe how to troubleshoot. People wonder why tech support over the phone from HP, Dell, or whoever else is so bad. It’s easier to do than to explain.