Bicep Roll and the never ending…

So today at work I was quite frustrated. I’ve been working on finishing a rig for a fairly simplistic character but somehow I had forgotten how to setup a bicep roll.

Bicep Roll: Gradual rotation of bones in the bicep area when the arm is twisted around. Allows for smooth deformation.

So yeah I forgot how to do it. I had a few thousands attempts at creating one but to no avail. I was missing something. In all reality it would probably have worked the way I had it, however I’ve learned that I have to prepare for the worste because of a certain un-named animator who sits down at his desk in the morning and goes, “Hmm… I wonder if I can break Eric’s rigs today…” Lovely. Simply lovely.

I have to give him credit because he’s got some of the most dynamic and funny shots in the show thus far and he knows as an animator that he has to push the rigs to their boundries. Though a slight consult with me would be greatly appreciated.

But getting back to the bicep roll. I held off on finalizing the rig because I need to have the roll functioning. I did a bit of research in some old tutorials I had bought on rigging and built another one but again still the flipping issue. I then started toying with the idea of setting constant expressions. No dice. Then I tossed a scripted operator at it and success! One thing I’ve learned in the past few years is that sometimes you have to throw everything you’ve got at a problem and usually the last thing you could think of to try is probably going to be the one that works. Fun times.

I also had a never ending slew of issues from the animators at the end of the day as well. Tried to get everything knocked out by quiting time. It was a successful endeavor. Now I’ll have a little time in the morning to re-arrange my desk. I’m also getting a shelf on which I will be placing many if not all of my toys. Need to clear off the desk to regain some productivity.

Off to do my push-ups and sit-ups.