2012 Election

Firstly, take this post as you will if you don’t agree great move on no need to try to persuade me otherwise. I’m posting to give some perspective to those who may be undecided.

I’m so confused on why this presidential race is so close when the extreme measures Romney is going to go if elected.

1) Women’s right are going to virtually disappear. Planned parenthood and the right for women to have abortions will be in the firing line and most likely get funding cut and Roe v. Wade will be overturned. Whatever your moral or political views are on the topic just remember that we are a nation of individuals from different walks of life. You can’t enforce your views on people who have different moral and political views than you. The fact we are a nation of so many different types of people is what defines us as the USA.

2. Medical coverage. Seriously. Why would anyone think that letting insurance companies deny people because they have pre-existing conditions? Many Americans can’t afford health care and thus, when they do get sick and need help they need to have insurance. We have come from an era where health care was not affordable. How are people supposed to get sufficient health care to cure them or maintain a decent life if they aren’t allowed to get health care?

3. Gun control. Even after one of the worst cases of mass murder this past year people still think that automatic weapons should be allowed in the hands of people outside of the military. Automatic weapons have one purpose and that is to kill. Romney outlawed them when he was governor now has flopped to having no additional gun control reform.

4. Economy. Many don’t think Obama is doing a good job with the economy. What do you expect with a republican majority that is hell bent on blocking all legislation and not compromising? It was only a month into his presidency when the republican party stated that their mission was to get him out of office. Who can we thank for the republican majority? Ourselves. Mid-term elections put the majority in the hands of the republicans. You really think anything is going to get done in that atmosphere?

You want hope and change? Look at what you’re being offered with Romney.