The AnimStore add-on provides a tool set for animators to store character poses and animations for use at a later time. It provides an intuitive GUI to streamline the process of re-using animation assets. This tool is production proven in a television series pipeline and has been developed with the end user in mind.

The tool also features a non-destructive workflow as well using Softimage’s built in and highly functional mixer editor. Animations and poses can be imported into new tracks on the mixer and can be blended against keyframe animation and other clips within the mixer.


  • Single .sqlite database file for solid asset infrastructure
  • Assets stored into unique projects
  • Model groups to categorize poses and animations
  • Action Type drop down to filter between poses and animations
  • Action Sets to group similar poses and animations together
  • Apply actions
  • Apply and Key actions
  • Apply / Apply and Key actions to selected controls
  • Import actions to mixer
  • Launch flipbook to view stored animations

Downloads (Right click, save-as):


Training :