Daily ramblings.

Kraken Presentation at Siggraph 2014

I’ll be giving a presentation this year at Siggraph 2014 about soon to be release Open Source Rigging Framework called Kraken. Stop by the Fabric Engine User Group at 12pm on Tuesday to see the presentation. More information about the Fabric Engine User Group is here: http://fabricengine.com/siggraph/

Some thoughts on tool dev

Some recent issues I’ve run into lately have sparked some thoughts on tool dev: Firstly, when you’re developing tools for many people on different teams you need to get input from all the teams and individuals. Some tool concepts and functionality may work for a larger group, but may cripple […]

Create Curves on Normals

from win32com.client import constants as c from win32com.client import Dispatch as d   xsi = Application log = xsi.LogMessage collSel = xsi.Selection   def xformFromDirection(vecBase, vecTgt, vecUpV): """Creates a transform for base object pointing to target with an upvector upV."""   vecX = XSIMath.CreateVector3() vecY = XSIMath.CreateVector3() vecZ = XSIMath.CreateVector3() […]

Extract deformer to weight map

This is a code snippet that you can use to extract the envelope weights of a deformer to a weight map. xsi = Application oWeightMap = xsi.Selection(0) oObj = oWeightMap.Parent3DObject oEnv = oObj.Envelopes(0) defOneArray = oEnv.GetWeights2().Array[1] # Change Array index to get a different deformer oWeightMap.Elements.Array = [x / 100 […]