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Noodle Arm Setup

As per a discussion on XSIBase: http://www.xsibase.com/forum/index.php?board=11;action=display;threadid=39869;start=0#lastPost I followed RayFigs video and setup his arm but then aslo took it a bit further to ensure that the Arm bones wouldn’t drift in rotation. Take a look at the attached file. NoodleArm.emdl Eric T.

Bendy-Stretchy-AdjustableKnee Leg Setup

So I decided tonight to figure out how to do a stretchy-bendy-adjustableknee leg setup. Attached are my results. I am having issues with the ThighFollow_Null and ShinFollow_Null and used a hacky way to stabilize it. Also I’m not 100% satisfied with the bend when you use the adjustable knee control. […]