Old Tools

Old tools

PassManger 3.0 Preview

A walk through of the new version of ET PassManager. New features include: – GUI to allow selected of passes and settings to export – 1 file export / import – Scene Renderer Settings – Pass Environment Shaders on passes – Local Renderer Settings (local Mental Ray setting on passes) […]

Pickup v2.0

I just re-wrote the ET_Pickup plug-in / addon as it wasn’t working with reference models. Strange how I find out years later that it doesn’t work! 🙂 Either way, this should work since I changed it from keying the Active Parameter on constraints to the BlendWeight parameter. Download (Right Click […]

AnimStore v1.2

Just fixed a bug which wouldn’t find the viewport manager in the layout if you’re using a custom layout and changed the view manager frame’s name to something other than “vm”. I search for it now using the view’s Type instead. Thanks to Florian Eberle from PiXABLE in Germany for […]

AnimStore v1.1

Updated the plug-in which I believe fixes the issue where now you don’t have to edit the __init__.py file. Please post any issues. I also fixed the bit where the warning message about not having the pose cam actually displays at the bottom of the screen. I also stored the […]