Quick 2 Bone Guide

So I decided tonight to write a quick little script that would create a VERY simple guide that would allow you to then reposition the null objects created and then select them all and create a simple 2 bone chain. Why? Well it’s tedious to do this a bunch of times per day when rigging characters. Hopefully this will spawn into a more precise and sophisticated auto-rig (which has already been in progress for a month or two now). I’ve attached the .py plugin file which you can toss in your favorite /Plugins folder either in your users folder or a workgroup for Softimage.

You’ll also want to make 2 script buttons (Python) on a custom shelf one with:

and the other:

You should hit the one ET_Create2BnGd() button first, then reposition the nulls accordingly, then select ALL 3 nulls then hit the second button. The null hierarchy is scalable and functions properly when scaled.