ControlSetup v1.25


This plug-in imports controllers and constrains the selected objects to the imported copy of the control. You have the option to constrain by Position, Orientation, Scale, and Pose. You can optionally select the “Import” button and have the control imported and placed at world 0.

This plug-in is meant to be expandable by the end user. Inside the add-on’s “Data” folder there is a “Models” and “Images” folder. Users can export their own controls to this “Models” folder by putting the control under a model null and going to File > Export > Model. You can additionally create an icon for it by going to the “Images” folder and editing the *.psd file and saving it in the same naming convention as per the supplied controls.

  • The model should be named “Something_Control.emdl” replacing “Something” with a unique name.
  • The image should be called “Something.bmp”, replacing “Something” with the same unique name

Updating the plug-ins by hitting the “Update All” button at the top of the plug-in manager should be enough to update the available controls, but you need to close the ET_ControlSetup PPG that is created and re-open it.
Found under Get > Primitive > ET_Control

Download (right click save-as)