AnimStore v2 Started!

I decided to start working on the next version of my ET_AnimStore addon tonight. This past week I’ve been doodling around with some new Python toys that I found. One of particular interest is sqlite. This is a lightweight sql database that stores databases in files on hard disk. I found out while looking into it, that Python ships with the sqlite module used to communicate with sqlite databases natively. This means that if I choose to use sqlite for any aspect of ET_AnimStore v02 I won’t have to worry about distributing Python modules with it, it will just work!

I have also started planning out a new file structure for the system too. I think I got a bit too carried away with the first implementation concerning the depth of the directory hierarchy. I need to keep it simple.

Tonight I made a small script that will allow me to pop open a window that has a camera view docked in the upper portion and a custom property loaded in the bottom portion. This will help keep an intuitive work flow for storing poses. Users won’t have to worry about ensuring that a certain viewport is set to the pose cam. I actually found another fix / workaround for that while developing another iteration of my system on a recent job. None the less, it will be a much easier system to use this time around.